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Privacy / GDPR Statement

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Hosted on Netlify

This theme is now hosted on Netlify . See the Netlify Privacy Policy and Netlify GDPR Statement for the most of the details that apply to this site.

Site-specific Policy / Statement

No Cookies

This site does not use cookies for any purpose. (Unless Netlify does).

We don’t add cloud-connected analytics

This site does not use any analytics from services such as Google, Facebook, or other ‘cloud’-based analytics offerings. Obviously Netlfiy’s analytics are in play, however.

Offsite Images and Other Offsite Content

This site hosts all content required for serving the pages and images on this on site locally. That is your browser does not, nor does this site, make requests for offsite content in order for you to view this site. There was a period where this site inadvertently included image links to various badges and status notifications related to the code. Those have been moved to the README.md which is only displayed via the Git hosting service and does not appear on this site.

Search Function Is Purely Local

The search function in the menu bar does not require access to any third party sites (i.e. no Google or other search engines) and uses a local index and local Javascript to perform the search and display the results. Unforunately it doesn’t work with IE11.

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